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PALETTO, Lot # 22   
2008, 16.2 HH, Gelding, Performance Horse
Pablo (Westf) x Rio Negro (Westf) x Real Azure (Qh)
Consigned by: Amanda Cameron

PALETTO (aka Gus) is a super, amateur-friendly horse who jumps, can do dressage, or is happy to go for a trail ride. He ties, trailers, is good for the farrier, and is happy to live inside or out. Gus has lightly competed in the jumpers (to 1.0m), and is ready to head back to the show ring. He is confident to the fences and knows his job well. He can take a joke, is unconcerned if you miss a distance, and will jump from wherever he ends up. Gus will happily carry a more novice rider around over small fences, or jump as high as you want with more than enough scope to take you wherever you want to go. He also enjoys his flat work, has lovely changes, three solid gaits, and could easily trot into the ring at First Level next season. As an added bonus, Gus does all the Cowboy Challenge obstacles on a loose rein, if you want to have some fun. Don't miss out on this easy-going boy!

2013, 16.2 HH, Mare, Performance Horse
Feingeist (Trak) x Wendland (Han) x Grande (Han)
Consigned by: Amy Busch

FOREVER HOLLYWOOD (aka Holly) is a gorgeous 2013 mare with a heart of gold who loves to work. She showed in dressage FEI 3-year-olds and, the following year, was doing training level dressage. She received amazing remarks from her judges as they all loved her 3 gaits, her willingness to try, and her easy-going temperament. Holly is currently schooling second level movements but can easily show first level. She has been solidly jumping for a year now and is currently jumping 3' with scope to go higher. Holly also shows a ton of potential to succeed in the hunter ring as she has a steady, rhythmic canter.

NAKITA, Lot # 2   
2018, HH, Filly, Young Prospect
Franklin (Wpn) x Freestyle (Hessen) x Mytens (Tb)
Consigned by: Brenda Senko

NAKITA is a lively, brave, energetic filly. She is very sensitive but easy to work with and already shows fantastic ability to retain what she has learned. Nakita has 3 strong gaits. Her walk is very elastic and free with a good over-track, her trot is forward and loose through the shoulder with good push from behind, and her canter is uphill with an active hindleg and through the back. Nakita should mature to over 16hh. This personable filly is very capable of a future in FEI dressage.

MASERATI, Lot # 24   
2017, 15.3 HH, Gelding, Young Prospect
Glocks Toto JR (Han) x Freestyle (Hessen) x Mytens (Tb)
Consigned by: Brenda Senko

MASERATI is a very confident, correct, modern type with good substance. He is willing to learn and retains his lessons. He has 3 excellent gaits that are very uphill and through the shoulder. He has a relaxed walk with over-track, a free-floating trot with good push from behind, and his canter is through the back and uphill with an active hind leg. Maserati has great charisma and his willing nature will make a great partner for anyone interested in dressage. He should mature to over 16hh.

ESPRESSO, Lot # 26   
2009, 16.3 HH, Mare, Broodmare
Freestyle (Hessen) x Mytens (Tb) x Unitas (Wpn)
Consigned by: Brenda Senko

ESPRESSO is a lovely, large-moving mare that has her sire’s stamp of inherited qualities. Her walk is very forward with good over-track, her trot is elastic and has good push from behind, and her canter is uphill and through the back. Espresso is a sweet mare but quite hot and needs a confident handler. She has proven to produce lovely, healthy foals with great potential for dressage or jumping. She is a great mother and provides plenty of milk. She is a fertile mare that is easy to breed and has foaled without complications. Espresso has been bred back to FRANKLIN and is due for a June 2019 foal.

NOBELLE CR, Lot # 21   Withdrawn
2018, HH, Filly, Young Prospect
Jethro Tull (Wpn) x Kannan (Wpn) x Continue (Old)
Consigned by: Carousel Ridge

NOBELLE CR is a stunning filly that ticks all the boxes: chrome, movement, presence, and a pedigree of super stars to guide her future. This filly is bred for top sport and is a great investment as a sport horse and a future breeding mare. Nobelle CR’s pedigree is a list of jaw dropping greats: I’M SPECIAL DE MUZE, EMERALD, DIAMANT DE SEMILLY, CARTHAGO, VOLTAIRE X 2, KANNAN, CONTINUE. It just doesn’t stop. An amazing opportunity to own this kind of quality.

NOBU CR, Lot # 36   
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Jethro Tull (Wpn) x Matterhorn (Wpn) x Indorado (Holst)
Consigned by: Carousel Ridge

NOBU CR is a very exciting stallion and top level sport horse prospect. He has the substance, perfect uphill balance, and powerful smooth gaits you need for the fast paced and demanding courses in his future. His bold star and four white socks are extremely flashy and match his "look at me" personality. His pedigree is outstanding with a list of proven top performers. Nobu is the Japanese word for “trust”. Put your trust in Nobu for an unforgettable future.

NOTORIOUS, Lot # 29   
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
VDL Zapatero (Wpn) x Zeno H2 (Cw) x Wodan (Han)
Consigned by: Cayley Pierzchala

NOTORIOUS is bred to be an upper level jumper. His sire has been very successful, with offspring competing at the highest levels of jumping and much sought after in auctions. FERIMAIN TH was one of top sellers at DSHS for 235.000 Euro and VDL FREEDOM sold for $175,000 at WEF auction. Notorious was halter broke and picking up his feet before he was a week old. He is friendly, intelligent, playful, and learns quickly. If you are looking for a horse that has the ability to take you up the levels of jumping or dressage then this colt is a must see. With his lovely colour and flashy markings, you are sure to stand out in the show ring.

NASH, Lot # 9   Withdrawn
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Combina (Wpn) x Corland (Holst) x Flemmingh (Holst)
Consigned by: Chelsea Hacault

NASH is a top stallion prospect for the jumper ring with ten ancestors successful at FEI 1.60m in just the first three generations. A dedicated, young-horse development program will insure he reaches his full potential. Nash has outstanding character and trainability with powerful supple movement. His sire COMBINA is still being used in Europe. This entry sells with a reserve.

NINTENDO, Lot # 19   
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Far West (Sf) x Just a Thought (Tb) x Solling (Trak)
Consigned by: Chelsea Hacault

NINTENDO is a promising colt with fantastic character. He has been well handled and socialized from day one. Siblings by both sire and dam are successful in hunter, jumpers and even dressage. His lineage produces sound body and mind for the junior, amateur, non-pro rider. Nintendo is an asset to any young horse development program. He will mature to 16.2+hh.

CATHAL, Lot # 40   
2016, 16.3 HH, Gelding, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Contifax (Holst) x Carthago (Holst) x Darco (Nfwp)
Consigned by: Creekside Farm

CATHAL descends from the most powerful performing lineage in the world. His parents both have excellent sport records in their own right, let alone the international sport results of grandparents CONTENDER, CARTHAGO, DARCO and RAMIRO. Cathal exudes athleticism. Just watch for his amazing over-track in all gaits, foreshadowing superior range and scope. Cathal is the perfect future partner for the ambitious competitor.

2018, HH, Filly, Young Prospect
Aquilan Calypso (Holst) x Noteworthy (Wpn) x Son of Briartic (Tb)
Consigned by: Dreamers Meadow (Jannie Driedger)

AQUILAE VOLANTI is a very athletic filly with excellent conformation. She is smart, easy to handle/train, and is a pleasure to work with. With the combined attributes of her sire and dam, she can excel in any discipline.

MONTEGO BAY, Lot # 23   
2010, 16 HH, Gelding, Performance Horse
Beau Soleil (Cw) x Robin Z (Han) x Abrupt (Han)
Consigned by: Gavin Pearson

MONTEGO BAY has been to several shows, jumping at 0.90m and schooling 1.0m. He has been ridden indoors as well as outdoors (on dirt, artificial footing, and grass), and is always brave yet easy to fences. He has the ability and the disposition to be a constant performer in the jumper ring. Like so many of his close relatives, he is designed to provide years of enjoyment to amateur riders.

DAMIANO, Lot # 6   
2016, 15.3 HH, Gelding, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Checkmate (Old) x MJ Fusion (Cw) x Cerber (Wiel)
Consigned by: Heather Osterhout

DAMIANO (aka Dom) is a tall, leggy, bay gelding. He has excellent movement and shows good technique and scope through the chute. Dom loves any attention he can get and is always willing to do what is asked of him. Dom has the pedigree and conformation to excel in the show ring. At sale time he will have started his early groundwork training and will be ready to move on to be your next mount.

2016, 15.3 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Lestat (Old) x MJ Fusion (Cw) x Wermiszel (Weil)
Consigned by: Heather Osterhout

COUNTESS CARMILLA (aka Millie) is a flashy filly with an outgoing disposition. She is a quick learner and loves being the center of attention. She has elastic movement and shows excellent scope and technique in the chute. With her outstanding looks, disposition, and pedigree Millie could excel at any discipline, but she does love to jump. At sale time, she will have a solid foundation in groundwork and will be ready to move on to the next steps that will lead her to pinning in the show ring.

JADA ADDERSON, Lot # 44   
2014, 15.3 HH, Mare, Prospect Under Saddle
Salvatore (Kwpn) x Capan (Holst) x Dark d'Amour (sBs)
Consigned by: Heather Watt

JADA ADDERSON (aka JUNO) is an unbelievably kind and intelligent mare. Her parents both jumped at the Grand Prix level with amateur riders (SALVATORE with Maddy Riddle and ODESSA V with Kate Watt). Juno has spent a year with a trainer who specializes in horsemanship under saddle and on the ground. During this year, she developed impeccable ground manners, jumped three-day eventing courses, schooled Rocky Mountain GP ring, went on trail rides in the mountains and wide open fields, and willingly walked into any trailer. She has seen it all! Juno is going to be the perfect Jr/Am horse. She is so easy going it is hard to believe she is only four.

FIRE II, Lot # 5   
2013, 16.2 HH, Gelding, Performance Horse
Cromwell II (Cw) x Zeno H2 (Wpn) x Pembina Dexter Supreme
Consigned by: Julie Edwards

In 2017, FIRE II was shown Training Level dressage as a 4-year-old where he earned numerous scores above 70% with well-known international judges. In May 2018, Fire was started over fences, his form and willingness speak volumes for the natural talent of this horse. Fire is a confident gelding, he settles in wherever you take him, doesn’t stress when alone or attending shows, self-loads, stands on the trailer, is great for farrier, enjoys a stall, loves turnout and hacking, and the list goes on for this special guy. Fire has it all; presence, disposition, and talent for multiple rings.

LINCOLN, Lot # 7   
2016, 16.1 HH, Gelding, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Tempranillo (Wpn) x Contender (Holst) x Caletto I (Holst)
Consigned by: Klondike Victory Farm Ltd.

Lincoln is a stunning young prospect with a beautiful head and neck, long, straight legs and incredible athletic ability. This boy is going to be a super star. He has been very lightly free jumped, showing top technique and plenty of scope to excel in either the international hunter derbies or upper level jumpers. He displays three excellent gaits with a lot of range and a very uphill, active canter with a natural lead change. Klondike Victory Farm is very proud to present such a talented horse for your consideration. Lincoln has been worked with on the ground, handling all routine farrier and vet work well. He has been allowed to grow up in a large field with his peers where he has learned appropriate herd manners as well as getting plenty of exercise. X-rays are on file.

NAMINKA, Lot # 11   
2018, HH, Filly, Young Prospect
Grey Flanell (Wpn) x Calvados (Wpn) x Nimmerdor (Wpn)
Consigned by: Klondike Victory Farm Ltd.

NAMINKA is a gorgeous filly with correct conformation and an excellent topline. She has the natural collection that GREY FLANELL is known for passing on along with an incredible canter and a ton of presence. This filly’s breeding is very interesting as she combines the same sires, in the same places as TOTILAS, GRIBALDI on top and NIMMERDOR on the top side of the dam line.

2019, HH, , Embryo In-Utero
Jethro Tull (Wpn) x Tacorde (Wpn) x Contender (Holst)
Consigned by: Klondike Victory Farm Ltd.

This embryo is going to be a fantastic jumper prospect.

ULTERRA ZIVON, Lot # 10   
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Jethro Tull (Wpn) x Laroche VDL (Wpn) x Damiro B (Wpn)
Consigned by: Kylina Chalack

ULTERRA ZIVON packs a powerful pedigree for superior talent over fences, primarily show jumping. If you are looking for a potential star, here he is.

STILLETO RPH, Lot # 25   
2005, 17 HH, Mare, Broodmare
Arius (Han) x Regal Remark (Tb) x Meneval (Tb)
Consigned by: Lana Smith

STILLETO RPH is a kind, uncomplicated mare. She is tall, with long legs, natural balance, and a big stride. She had a successful hunter career with an amateur (see video) while at the same time being used for vaulting by WEG hopefuls. No matter what the task, she is willing and sweet. She is simple to breed, caught on the first breeding, and carried easily. She foaled thirteen days early, and had a foal who is as strong, correct and as kind as his mother. This is a special mare, one who would be a seamless addition to any program, whether it be a dressage barn, as her pedigree might suggest, or a hunter/jumper breeder looking to breed temperaments for the amateur market. Stilleto RPH is in foal to LEETO Z, who also throws an amazing attitude and willingness to his foals. This 2019 foal should be big, correct, smart, and athletic... not to mention gorgeous!

ACE OF HEARTS RPH, Lot # 30   
2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Aquilan Calypso (Holst) x Vulcaan (Cw) x Fogerty (Wpn)
Consigned by: Lana Smith

ACE OF HEARTS RPH is a big, handsome colt with powerful, elegant movement. There is no doubt about his potential as a dressage horse with his conformation and pedigree, but he could truly excel at anything with his kind, curious nature and willingness to work with people.

LIMITED EDITION RPH, Lot # 35   Withdrawn
2015, 17 HH, Gelding, Prospect Under Saddle
Leeto Z (Zang) x Donnerwelt (Han) x Glengrant (Cw)
Consigned by: Lana Smith

LIMITED EDITION (aka Louie) is a BIG, fancy gelding. He is already proving to be a carbon copy of his sire LEETO Z in every way. He is 17hh and thick bodied yet is very light on his feet with big suspension and cadence. Louie has the quality and breeding to excel in dressage with his uphill frame and movement, or he could be a performance hunter with his rhythm, power and form.

LUIGI RPH, Lot # 38   
2017, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Leeto Z (Zang) x MJ Fusion (Cw) x Fantast (Nfwp)
Consigned by: Lana Smith

LUIGI RPH is an intelligent and correct colt who was the BC futurity foal winner in 2017. He is a lovely mover, with both power and suspension. Curious and engaged like his sire, he will make a fun and competitive partner in any discipline.

LEXUS RPH, Lot # 43   Withdrawn
2015, 16.3 HH, Gelding, Prospect Under Saddle
Leeto Z (Zang) x Pik Kasso (Old) x Lucky Boy II
Consigned by: Lana Smith

LEXUS RPH is a lovely and correct gelding standing 16.3hh who looks a lot like his daddy. Big, alert and intelligent, he is sure to be a promising prospect. Rhythm and elegance for the hunter ring, scope and form to do the big jumpers, and the attitude for an amateur.

FIANCHETTO TF, Lot # 31   
2017, 15.1 HH, Gelding, Young Prospect
Checkmate (Old) x Alphabet Soup (Tb) x Mr. Greeley (Tb)
Consigned by: Mandy Tufts

FIANCHETTO TF (aka Russell) is a stunning gelding with excellent conformation and an exemplary temperament. He shows impressive potential to succeed in any direction. Russell has an amateur-friendly temperament with movement and conformation for the professional, sure to stand out in the ring with his eye-catching, rose grey colouring. Russell has been properly handled since birth. He leads, ties, stands for the farrier, and is up-to-date on deworming and vaccinations, as well as being on a balanced, careful feeding program.

CALYPSO KEY, Lot # 16   
2016, 15.3 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Contifax (Holst) x Silberpfeil (Holst) x Dancing Court (Tb)
Consigned by: Megann Breakey

CALYPSO KEY has a friendly personality and a beautiful temperament with excellent bloodlines for dressage or hunter/jumper. Her lovely movement and jump will make her a great choice for the hunter rings, but she would also do well in the jumper and dressage. Calypso Key is an exceptional young prospect.

L'EAU KEY, Lot # 33   
2016, 16 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Landkoenig (Han) x Pablo (Westf) x Sailor Bold (Tb)
Consigned by: Megann Breakey

L’EAU KEY is a clever and athletic prospect with bold jump and lovely movement. She would excel in multiple rings and has top jumper lines in her pedigree. At the time of the sale, Leau Key will have some basic groundwork and training. She is an uncomplicated mare who loves to work.

JIMMIE DEAN, Lot # 18   
2014, 16.3 HH, Gelding, Prospect Under Saddle
Acore KF (Cw) x Samual (Han) x Novalis (Wpn)
Consigned by: Samantha Wishewan

JIMMIE DEAN, a rebel with a cause! Hollywood good looks and a super trainable attitude, Jimmie is show ring ready. He is skillfully jumping courses with flying changes and jumps with style and correctness. He has been trailered off property for schooling sessions and handles it all with ease. He hacks out and has a comfortable, amateur friendly way of going that will see him excel in all three rings. Jimmie Dean’s pedigree boasts two crosses to double Olympic gold medal winner, JUS DE POMMES. His pedigree is an exciting blend of Hanoverian and KWPN greats: CORLAND, EMILION, JUS DE POMMES X 2, SILVIO I, CALYPSO II, NIMMERDOR x 2, RAMIRO, and LUGANO.

ELVITA SR, Lot # 17   
2016, 15.2 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Excalibur (Cw) x Whistler (Cw) x Devon (Tb)
Consigned by: Susanne Rauhut

ELVITA SR is a beautiful filly with a brave, bold attitude who shows great potential for the jumper or dressage ring. She has beautiful gaits with a ground-covering uphill canter and an exceptional walk.

PICTURE PERFECT, Lot # 4   Withdrawn
2017, 15.1 HH, Mare, Young Prospect
Prototype (Csh) x Novalis (Wpn) x Hit (Westf)
Consigned by: Tarka Investments

Are you searching for your next winning hunter or derby horse? Meet PICTURE PERFECT (aka Piper). Sired by PROTOTYPE (COROFINA) and out of a NOVALIS mare, she is sure to succeed. Piper was awarded Premium Filly at her Oldenburg inspection. She is very correct and could be a winner in line classes before starting her riding career. She has enough white to get you noticed and backs it up with hack-winning movement. Piper is very personable and a quick learner. She adapts to new situations easily and is equally comfortable in a herd situation or in a box stall. She has been blanketed, bathed, tied, trailered, and has received general daily handling. Piper was x-rayed as a weanling and is OCD free. She has a classic, elegant hunter look and should mature to a comfortable height of 16.1.

ETHENA, Lot # 8   
2016, 16.2 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Earl (Han) x Cache In (Tb) x Hatchure (Tb)
Consigned by: Thelma & Louise Sport Horses

ETHENA is an eye-catching, hunter type with tons of athleticism. A pretty, cadenced and co-operative partner with outstanding scope and technique through the jump chute and she is only two. Check out her video. By the dual-purpose, Hanoverian ESCUDO son EARL who is talented in dressage and nominated to the Hanoverian Jumper program. Clean x-rays are available for your consideration.

BEAUJOLAIS, Lot # 42   
2016, 16.2 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Buckingham (Wpn) x Sarkozy (Han) x Autocrat (Han)
Consigned by: Thelma & Louise Sport Horses

BEAUJOLAIS is the first foal out of our Premium Mare SPLENDOR. She is by BUCKINGHAM who impressed the Hanoverian Verband with his dual-purpose abilities. This filly has a long and floating stride and will be a lovely ride. Her sweet nature and excellent work ethic combine to make a very cooperative partner. In spite of her impeccable dressage breeding, she has rather an impressive run through the jump chute. Check out her video. Radiographs are available for your consideration. If you are looking for a dressage horse, look no further.

BONNE FETE, Lot # 15   
2016, 15.3 HH, Mare, Two-Year-Old Prospect
Beau Soleil (Cw) x Londonderry (Han) x Madison (Cw)
Consigned by: Touchstone Farm Ltd.

BONNE FETE is a very promising young filly with the refined good looks of her sire and grandsire and an excellent disposition. She promises to mature well over 16 hands. A very nice mover, Bonne Fete is correct in her conformation. She will be an excellent prospect for the hunter or dressage ring and her strong pedigree makes her a desirable future broodmare.

LYSANDER, Lot # 32   
2011, 16 HH, Gelding, Prospect Under Saddle
Laptop (Han) x Espri (Han) x Arkansas (Han)
Consigned by: Touchstone Farm Ltd.

LYSANDER is a scopey jumper with quick knee reflexes and a big stride. He has an active trot and rolling round canter making him suitable for dressage, although his real forte is jumping. Combined with extreme good looks and an amazing disposition, this is a prospect that is suitable for the amateur and elite rider alike.

JAM VF, Lot # 1   
2018, 13 HH, Filly, Young Prospect
Hitchcock van Overis (Nfwp) x Charisma (Holst) x Potsdam (Rhein)
Consigned by: Valleyfield Farm / Ellicia Edgar

JAM VF is a big, correct filly with an uphill build, elegant neck, and strong hindquarter. Whether you are looking to introduce top bloodlines to your breeding program, develop a promising young prospect, or make a good investment on a stock that is sure to rise, Jam VF is not one to miss!

ELLIE MAE VF, Lot # 14   
2015, 16.3 HH, Mare, Prospect Under Saddle
Emerald Vant Ruytershof (Nfwp) x Charisma (Holst) x Potsdam (Rhein)
Consigned by: Valleyfield Farm / Ellicia Edgar

ELIE MAE VF is sure to make a fabulous addition to any sport or breeding program. Her pedigree speaks for itself, and her athletic ability make her one not to be missed.

2018, HH, Colt, Young Prospect
Messenger VF (Cw) x Popeye K (Wpn) x Arroyo (Tb)
Consigned by: Valleyfield Farm / Ellicia Edgar

NEVERTHELESS VF is a striking KWPN colt with correct conformation, light athletic movement, and the first out of the lovely KWPN mare ENCORE. Not surprisingly, Nevertheless VF looks to be a strong future contender in the hunter or jumper ring. He will make a great competition partner or investment for the future. Don't let this colt pass you by!